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Solutions, from which to start, to fight the climate crisis in the Mediterranean area.

Forum sul clima Fortezza da Basso

The Fortezza da Basso will be the mirror of Italy ready to accept the climate challenge

The event will focus on the presentation of the First Scientific Report on short and long-term climate impacts in the Mediterranean area. It will be an authoritative focus with the most up-to-date studies and the most advanced research, including detailed research, aimed at identifying and preventing the effects produced in the atmosphere, water, ground, agriculture, urban areas, infrastructure, human health and environmental ecosystems. The range of expected impacts - desertification, drought, hydrogeological disruption and floods, rising sea levels and salt wedge, quality, availability and water use – call for an immediate need for defence infrastructure, water and resource storage systems, forecasting and management technologies, mitigation and adaptation works and interventions.

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Contact us for more information


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