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Mare Climaticum Nostrum

2nd Conference on Climate Impacts

14 NOVEMBER 2023
Salone dei Cinquecento - Palazzo Vecchio, Florence
15 NOVEMBER 2023
Fortezza da Basso, Florence
Save the Earth
euro-mediterranean strategic foresight on climate change,
disaster risk reduction, water & energies

Addressing the climate crisis, it’s possible

The Euro-Mediterranean Conference will involve for the first time scientists, experts, policy-makers, national and international associations and organizations, and all the civil protection structures of the countries facing the Mare Nostrum, with sessions and panels on various topics. Starting from scientific analyses of the climate dynamics in progress, with long-term projections of their impacts, from floods and droughts to desertification and sea level rise, which are already affecting coastal and inland areas. The following will be presented, towards an inter-institutional strategy focused on environment, sustainable development and circular economy, involving civil society and the main stakeholders: adaptation plans, the most innovative technologies for forecasting and controlling natural and weather-climate risks, innovations for energy transitions and renewable energy production.

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Contact us for more information


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